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Re: COVID-19 Pandemic Announcement

Dear Customers & Valued Business Partners:

Although these are unprecedented times in which we are all doing our best to deal with, we would like to encourage everyone in continuing their unyielding efforts in battling this pandemic by remaining calm and staying healthy. During such times of crises, it is even more important to keep the lines of communications open and, to ensure that a continuation of dialogue exists between us.

We would also like for all of you to be assured that extensive preventative measures have been instigated throughout our operations in order to safeguard all of our staff and facilities in Asia. We are confident that we will all be able to overcome the challenges that have been put forth in front of us, and that we will come out stronger in the end.

On behalf of AML UNITED LTD., we would like to wish everyone, their team members, colleagues and families to be safe and healthy during these trying times as the entire world continues to try and contain the corona virus pandemic.

Stay safe and stay vigilant!

Thank you,


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