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Experience quality, excellence and diversity. Not only does AML produce gloves, but our manufacturing services include hats & accessories as well. All of these are made with the same levels of excellence in service and quality of our other products. Wear these anywhere and everywhere to protect yourself from harsh weathers, or simply incorporate these accessories into your outfits to keep up with the latest trends.

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Gloves / Mittens

Gloves / Mittens

Frozen digits can really ruin your day if it is cold outside. Therefore, keep a pair of our gloves / mittens to make sure you won't be cold when you're out and about. We offer many different kinds of gloves and mittens for different occasions and weather.

Beanies / hats

Beanies / hats
Beanies Colors.jpg

Protect your head from the weather outside with our specially designed beanies and hats. Shield yourself from the sun with our hats. Trap your heat in the cold with our beanies. Not only are our beanies and hats extremely practical and great for everyday use, they can also act as fashion statements.



Our scarves come in a wide variety of colours and styles. Keep your neck warm with our beautiful scarves on any occasion, to impress everyone around you. They can also act as a great classy addition to any simple outfit!

Neck warmers

Neck Warmers

Wear these during harder winter months to make sure that your neck is getting the warmth it needs, with our cozy fleece.


Our earmuffs offer sound & winter protection with a sturdy headband to keep your ears feeling toasty even during the coolest winter days. These are another great fashion piece and come in a wide variety of different styles and colours.

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