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We take special pride in the manufacturing of our sports gloves because every sport is demanding in its own way, and compromises just won't do. Performance, strength, and comfort are important considerations not only for the athlete, but they are also necessary when it comes to building a quality sports glove. Hence, we spare no expenses in providing our personal best in this endeavor.

Not only are we one of the first manufactures to be W. L. Gore certified, we are also currently the only glove manufacturer licensed to produce Gore-Tex seam sealed mittens in China. Furthermore, our sports glove facility has attained ISO9002 certification, another assurance of the quality of our gloves.

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The gloves we produce have the ability to push every team player to their maximum potential because we too, know every player has their own strength to bring to the field. Like the players in an elite team, the materials we use in the design of our gloves have been through countless tests to ensure that they are made to always impress.


Team Sports Gloves
Football Gloves

Our football gloves are designed to offer grip and support, while also providing flexibility for ease of control.

Baseball Gloves

Different sizing and webbings of gloves are offered to ensure players of all positions can perform at their best.

Lacrosse Gloves

Padding & reinforcements are added to Lacrosse gloves for maximum protection, while paying close attention to comfort of the players' hands. 



Cycling Gloves

Summer & Winter cycling requires incredibly different types of gloves but fortunately, we have you covered no matter which you are seeking. With gloves made just for the right temperatures, along with carefully chosen materials, our cycling gloves guarantee comfort for every cyclist out there. 

Road Cycling Gloves

Protection of the palms should always be a top priority, especially for frequent road cyclists, because proper padding makes a huge difference in the way you ride.

Our gloves are made to absorb shock on rocky mountain trails and also provides insulation to wick sweat away.

Mountain Cycling Gloves

Whether you are a competitive or freestyle BMX rider, our well designed gloves gives you the type of reassurance you need when attending races or attempting stunts.

BMX Cycling Gloves


Mountain Sports Gloves
Hiking / Trekking
Hiking Gloves

Be protected with properly insulated gloves! Breathable gloves which gives hikers dexterity is an essential for frequent mountain visitors.

In every adventure seeker's backpack lies a pair of gloves they could rely on to save their lives. It may be a pair which provides warmth and support when they most need it. It might even be a sturdy pair of gloves to drive them over even the most strenuous paths.

Climbing Gloves

Durable gloves with strong grip is a mountain climber's best friend. Our climbing gloves offer lots of support without restricting hand movements.

Expedition Gloves

Only the best of the best equipments can survive a lengthy expedition. This means that our expedition gloves are perfect for them.


Hunting Gloves

We have captured all the secrets to producing the most perfect pair of hunting gloves, and we are here to share. Discover the most well insulated, scentless & stealthy pair of gloves, with maximal protection right at your fingertips from us, to you.

Waterfowl Gloves

Offering a variety of waterfowl gloves of different lengths to specifically suit your hunting needs. These hunting gloves also come in a camouflage print to reduce chances of being spotted by targets.

By placing the safety of your hands in ours, we guarantee to give you the flexibility you need, while providing protection like no other.

Shooting Gloves
Hunting Accessories

We also have lots of other hunting accessories available to keep you company while you are out during the season.

Snow Sports Gloves


Don't let the heat your body worked so hard to generate in the cold winter snow slip right out of your hands! These gloves are guaranteed to give you maximum warmth and proper insulation to make sure your boarding or skiing experience won't be ruined due to discomfort in your hands.

Skiing Gloves

Explore a wide collection of Skiing gloves.  They give you great support and are made of materials perfect for when you are active and need good insulation.

Snowboarding Gloves

Snowboarding gloves are amongst one of our most popular gloves. Every glove is carefully designed to maximize your comfort on the mountains.

Snow Boots

We also have a large number of snow accessories to pair with our gloves. Get in touch with us for more information.


Fishing Gloves

Fishing is so much more than the quality of your bait and fishing rod, the key to landing a catch also relies on confidence that your hands are protected, as well as strong grip to keep a hold of your catch. Explore our fishing glove collections to see what we have to offer for various fishing activities.

General Fishing Gloves

These general water sport gloves are waterproof and textured to satisfy your most basic fishing needs.

Fly Fishing
Fly Fishing Gloves

Our fly fishing gloves give you warmth without taking away the comfort you have when you are fishing with your bare hands. 

Ice Fishing
Ice Fishing Gloves
Ice Fishing

Even if you dislike wearing gloves when tending and baiting, don't force yourself to suffer through the cold while drillling & setting up your equipment. Take these gloves with you to battle the cold.


Water Sports Gloves

High performance water sport gloves are important when going out in a vast ocean of unknown. Be prepared to overcome any waves the next time you hit the water with our durable waterproof gloves. 

Boating / Sailing

Wakeboarding gloves made of stretchy neoprene offers warmth, but can also be worn year round.

These glove give you strong grip while preventing blisters or other abrasions. Wear these to paddle and experience them at their full glory.

Full finger & half finger waterskiing gloves are both available depending on how much protection you'd like.

Boating / Sailing Gloves
Waterskiing Gloves
Wakeboarding Gloves
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