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AMLU Corporate Announcement

Re: Factory Visitation Reinstated Starting on June 1 , 2020

It seems that the CV-19 situation is currently relatively under control within the majority of Asian and SE Asian countries. Therefore, our company has decided to officially allow for general visitation to all of our factories beginning on June 1, 2019

However, in order to continue being vigilant about acting responsibly with regards to CV-19, please note that the following rules must be strictly adhered to by all visitors wishing to enter into our factory premises or grounds:

1. ALL visitors to the factory are expected to be wearing a medical mask at all times during their visit/stay within the factory building or surrounding factory areas.

2. ALL visitors to the factory are expected to fill out a COVID-19 Declaration Form and to submit this to factory personnel before being allowed to enter into the factory building.

3. ALL visitors will need to have their temperature taken and recorded by factory personnel and, to wash their hands before entering into the factory building.

4. ALL visitors must wash their hands prior to entering into the factory building.

5. ALL visitors must clean their shoes on the provided disinfectant floor mats prior to entering into the factory building.

We understand that these precautionary measures may seem inconvenient and slightly time consuming. However, we hope that you realize the severity of COVID-19 and that is always safer to take proactive steps in lowering the risk of infection, rather than risking the health of our staff simply because of added convenience.

Please bear in mind that there may be upcoming changes that may need to be implemented If and when any new regulations or policies are instigated by the local Government, at which time we will be announcing to all of our business partners accordingly.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation

AMLU Management Team

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